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The firm carries out real estate appraisals for a wide variety of purposes, including mortgage security, property sale/disposal, taxation disputes, expropriation, estate settlement, and various forms and levels of litigation. We have also defended our appraisals before the Supreme Court of B.C. And the Federal Court of Canada, the Assessment Appeal Board, and arbitration panels.

Our client list is substantial and includes all Canadian chartered banks, credit unions and trust companies; a number of offshore banks and U.S. Financial institutions, national and international legal and accounting firms, municipal, provincial and federal government agencies and Crown corporations, as well as private individuals and businesses. Our firm is recognized and approved by virtually all domestic financial institutions and has been accepted by a number of International lending bodies as well. We are also recognized by the leading Appraisal Management Firms. References can be provided upon request.

Fees are typically based on a per diem rate plus disbursements and H.S.T. And tend to increase with the size and/or complexity of the property. A fee estimate should be requested prior to commencement. A Letter of Undertaking is usually required as well, and in many cases involving non-regular clients a retainer will be requested.

Service Area

Services Area

The primary geographic area of our practice centers in the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley, the most populous and intensely developed area of the Province of B.C., occupying the extreme southwest corner of the territory, lying adjacent to the metropolitan area of the City of Vancouver. Our firm also carries out larger scale assignments for a variety of specialized I.C. &Amp; I. And Agricultural properties throughout the Province, including Vancouver Island, as well as other areas of Canada, where specialized knowledge and market evidence held by the firm is particularly well suited for specific types of valuation.